Friday, 27 May 2011

AubreyRose Tea Room

Hi everyone! My sister and I took my mommy to The AubreyRose Tea Room (here in San Diego) today for her birthday. The place was super cute and the finger foods were delicious! We got their "Queen Victoria Tea" option which was the biggest option on their menu so we could get the full experience (go big or go home). Came with Soup du Jour, chef's choice of savory, assorted tea sandwiches, seasonal fresh fruit, fresh baked scones, AubreyRose cream, lemon curd,  pastries, and as much tea as we wanted. We had 5 tea pots (you know I love me some tea!). We had their house blend (fruity black tea), Cha Cha Chai (regualr chai), Buccaneer (rooibos, chocolate, vanilla, coconut), English Breakfast, and Green Tea. I took lots of pics to share with you all!
Berry flavored water and menu.

Table next to ours

Water crest soup, artichoke garlic bread, wafer cookie

Love the attention to detail with the card

My tea. I normally don't like it with milk but I wanted the full experience. ;P

Finger foods on bottom, fruits in middle, and dessert on top!

Apricot almond pastry

Soft chocolate cookie with hazelnut whipped cream.

Lemon lavender scones with sweet cream and lemon custard.

My mom was SO happy we took her there. The entire time she kept saying it was the best present we could have gotten her. The place was lovely, everything was delicious, and our tea pots were never empty. The owner even came to check on us a couple of times to make sure everything was OK, which we thought was really nice. He even gave my mom a bag of loose tea as a birthday present, how nice is that!? It also happened to be of the tea we liked the most, Buccaneer. Luckly they had it for sale cause I had to take some home for my H to try (we're having some atm). It was such a fun and girly place and I can't wait to go back for their cream tea. Thanks for reading!