Thursday, 19 May 2011

CHANEL Ivory e/s

Hi everyone! Notice I didn't type up the long name? Yeah, I'm too lazy for that, lol. Ivory ($30 for 2g) is a gorgeous white gold highlighter with slight pink shimmer thrown in for good measure. Reminds me of MAC Vanilla pigment, though Vanilla has more pink too it. As you can probably tell by now highlighters are my thing. Taupes as well, but right now this post is a about a highlighter.

Texture: Soft, buttery, and expensive feeling.

Packaging: Sturdy black plastic complete with a velvet pouch, which always makes Sonia happy. Now, its about to get naughty...

Oh yeah, show it to me.

Oh you TEASE!
Here it is with Vanilla. This was he only pic where Vanilla didn't come out completely white. :/
Ivory on top, Vanilla on bottom.
Thanks for reading! <333