Monday, 27 June 2011

Hair Highlights

Hair Highlights  Once the dust has settled on the hair color debate, Hair Highlights   you can start the process ofchoosing the right hair color for your hair. Often people ask questions such as, which highlight would be most suitable for brown hair, or blond hair, or even if its possible to have the hair highlighted for people with long hairstyles. The answer is to choose a hair color shade which is closer to your hair color. It is advisable to pick a hair color, which is a couple of shades darker than your original hair color. First, try a shade which is one shade darker than your hair color and then if Hair Highlights  you want you may go one step further. The other suggestion is to choose colors which tilt towards the red shade. Never highlight your hair three or more shades lighter than your original hair color. Often it has been noticed that hair coloring or a small change in the hair color, changes the complete appearance of the person. Here are tips for choosing a hair color according to your skin tone.