Monday, 27 June 2011

Loreal Professional Hair Color

Hair dye is available in various colors. The most popular hair dye color is black. Loreal Professional Hair Color   But one should be cautious of the fact that black color is the most difficult color to be removed. Black looks great but when it comes to removal it is a tough task. The reason behind it is that the pigment used in the black hair dye is highly saturated. As a result it clings to your hair very strongly. The pigment penetrates into the hair shaft deeply. So if you are not planning to dye your hair soon and are keen in keeping your hair black then black is the choice for you. But if you are among those who want to give yourself a new look every day with awesome colors then it is advisable strike out black color from your list. As said, the most difficult color to be Loreal Professional Hair Color  removed is black hair dye. To start with removing black or any other dark shade of hair dye you will have to first bleach the pigments of color that have actually clung to your hair. Bleaching your hair weaken them. In the process of bleaching, the hair has to actually pass through various stages of color from dark to light and finally they turn white.