Thursday, 2 June 2011

My rats and snail

Hi everyone! Rats names are Sunny (grey and white) and Lilly (white, also her middle name:D), and snail is Simon.

She kept trying to reach the cam lol

This one knows she shouldn't be on my nightstand but doesn't care.

Lilly's fav thing to do. I could leave her alone all day and come back hours later and she would still be in the same spot.

Sunny and Lilly facts:

SUPER sweet pets, very lovable.
They don't bite.
They're a year old.
Sunny loooves to lick. She'll run up to me and lick my hand or climb up my shoulder to lick my face. When she goes under the couch cushion and I reach in to grab her she licks my hand lol.
Lilly is a mamas girl, she loves sitting next to me or on my shoulder. 
Lilly is super calm, Sunny is a ratscal and is always running around wanting to play.
They love snacking on pasta and little puppy treats. Yes, they can eat dog food.
They're spayed. Rats can get tumors if they don't get spayed.
They're clean and get regular baths. With natural shampoo of course, SLS free.
 I know someone is going to wonder this, but they don't poop anywhere that's not their cage.
They love Elvis music and Golden Girls. Rats grind their teeth when they're happy, and whenever I put on Elvis music or their show they grind their teeth like crazy.
Btw, they are not sewer rats, they're "fancy" rats, which is just a fancy (lol) word for pet rats.
Got them at Petco.
They eat fresh veggies and fruit. Sometimes I give them scrambled eggs with olive oil for breakfast.
Rats are quickly becoming popular pets, so there are tons of vets that specialize in rat care (and hammie care. I used to have a hammie but she died. :( ) If you ever get one and for any reason needs vet care, look for a vet that specializes in "exotic pets". Just throwing that out there just in case. :)


He stopped eating to look up at the camera.

Simon facts:

He is very handsome.
Loves being picked up.
Very active.
Very aware of his surroundings; if there are two people next to him, he'll look back and forth at both.
LOVES to eat. LOVES. He can eat for 6 hours straight.
Loves lettuce and squash.
I keep a water dish in his house which he likes to use as a bed when it's hot. He'll sleep with half his body in the water.
He's doing that right now lol, he's just sitting there looking around. I can see his eyes moving.
He comes out of his shell when I call his name. They say snails can't hear, but I beg to differ. Maybe I got a different snail batch cause this one can hear, for reals.
If I put him up to someones face he likes to touch it with his eyes, it's so funny. He like, taps his eyes on the cheek.
I found him outside one day when it was super hot and in the 90s. I felt so bad cause he was walking across the hot ground. Thought id bring him in for some food and water and put him back but I kept him.
I read somewhere that snails can live up to 25 years. O_O
I love him.

Thanks for reading!! Hope you enjoyed this post! <3 :)


Sonia, Sunny, Lilly, and Simon. :)