Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My vintage beauty items

Hi everyone! Clearly I didn't know what to call this post. I have a cream stick e/s, lipsticks, mini perfume, powder compacts, mirror compact (bought this at an antique store and though it looks a little new they told me it was old just didn't exactly how old), lipstick compact, and a box. Hmmm, I didn't know exactly what to title this, but maybe that was appropriate after all.:) I don't know! >_<

No that is not a ghost reflection lol, it's a picture someone put in the compact. I'm assuming of course that it was their bf. So sweet.<3 Still has a little bit of powder and a little bit of rouge. The tube in the middle is am empty lipstick. Not sure what year this is from.

A box.

The mirror is reflecting the Besame postcard.

Powder compact with a little bit of powder still in it. Don't know the year. :(

Maxfactor lipstick compact.

The blue is an e/s and the closed tube on the left is empty. The only lipstick that smells a little rancid is the new one in the middle. The rest have lovely scents. 

So awesome to own vintage red l/s, I love them so much. I love everything but especially them:). Oh and the compact with the picture, can't get over how cute it is that the woman who owned it stuck a picture of her bf in it. She also hit pan on all 3 items.:)
  On a side note, I should (hopefully) have an Edward Bess haul to post tomorrow. I would have had it sooner but FedEx doesn't know how to correct a wrong address despite my 5 phone calls to them and a bunch others from 2 Edward Bess customer service representatives. I called them yesterday to have it put on hold so they wouldn't mess up again, and they said OK. Then this morning when I called to confirm that it would be available they said it was on the truck and I couldn't pick it up because shipper gave strict instructions to deliver. Thennn when I got home and it wasn't here I called again and they said they put it on hold half an hour after I called for me to pick it up. AHHH!!! So now hopefully when I call tomorrow they wont tell me it's on the truck. If there's no Edward Bess haul post tomorrow then you'll know why! :'(
*noms on ice cream sandwiches to cheer up*

Thanks for reading!