Saturday, 18 June 2011

NARS Lovejoy

I was looking for a dupe of Lancome Shimmer Mocha Havana so I thought I should check out NARS to see if they had one. I mean, It's NARS, they pretty much thought of every blush color possible so I knew I would find one (well, Illamasqua does have a yellow blush, but I don't know if it really does count as a blush). Sure enough, there was Lovejoy ($27 for 0.16oz). It is not only a dupe, It's much prettier. This is a warm rosy bronze Dulce de Leche color with gold shimmer. Like  my cheeks but better. Since It's NARS It of course has the amazing texture and pigmentation you would expect.
With flash.

Without flash; closer to real life.

Notice the shimmer all over my arm? I had just gotten back from Sephora and I had serious swatch arm!<3

It's a little more bronze IRL.

Thanks for reading!