Thursday, 28 July 2011

Purple Hair Highlights Ideas 2011

Purple Hair Highlights Ideas 2011 :  purple hair highlights, then you will notice that they are always on a base of cool hair color. Purple highlights look great on shiny raven black hair color. Hence, go for a base of shiny raven black hair color and then go for purple hair highlights ideas. 

A very outstanding purple hair color, then select a deep blue and dark purple hair highlights hair color. Middle part your hair and go for 3 skinny streaks of each deep blue and deep purple hair highlights one either side of the parting.

Just like the above ideas of blue and purple hair highlights, you can also opt for red and purple hair highlights. Mix shades of red and purple hair highlights, go for chunky 8-12 highlights on a base of deep black or brown hair color.

On a base of white hair or icy blonde hair, get some pink and purple hair highlights near the crown.  To add more to the look, dye the bottom few inches of your hair ends into the same shade of purple hair dye. Another cool and unique ideas is to take out two long strands of your hair, which are right behind ear, and color these strands completely purple.