Thursday, 4 August 2011

Besame Cream Rouge in Crimson

Besame just came out with this fabulous looking Cream Rouge. Although not my color preference, I love the packaging and the idea of a vintage style creme rouge. Here's the description from their site:

For instant rosy cheeks and lips there is nothing more timeless than our vintage inspired cream rouge. Just a touch of this concentrated cream will give you a natural flush, just like the very first time you were kissed! Apply with your fingertips to lips and cheeks. Feels weightless and blends beautifully with any skin tone. Designed to stay on all day, our cream rouge is sure to delight. Packaged in a vintage styled recyclable tin.

Price is $22; no idea the size of the product as It's not listed on their site. I'm assuming It's larger than their Boudoir Rouges since they recently revamped their lipsticks into larger modern sizes; so I'm just assuming they're revamping all their products into bigger sizes. Product available here.