Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Blue Black Hair Color

The precautions
When it comes to cosmetic purposes, a hair dye can be a nice way to make a style statement. However excessive usage or irresponsible usage of hair dyes can even result in drying out as well as damaging hair follicles. This can cause a lot of people to lose hair in the process. Also, most of the earlier hair dyes used to contain harmful chemicals such as ammonia (which incidentally speeded up the bleaching and coloring process). However, with modern day health concerns raised by many women and men, nowadays most hair dye manufacturers are using ammonia free substitutes.

Types of hair dyes
There are primarily three types of hair dyes � the permanent, the long lasting semi permanent varieties and the semi-permanent types. Most people do not like to go for the permanent hair dyes simple because it colors the hair for good. Hence you cannot reverse the process once done. Also if you have used a dark colored dye, then getting it off can prove to be difficult. The second type or the long lasting semi-permanent type sustains even up to 20 washes and still retains color. The ones with the shortest staying power are the semi-permanent varieties. These fade after just 6 or 12 washes, making these good for first time users who are open to experimentation with colors.

The various colors available
Nowadays there are just so many colors available as far as hair dyes go that choosing a particular color can prove to be an uphill task. For example, you will find many shades within even a primary color. Let�s take brown � you�ll get chestnut brown, light brown, dark brown, mahogany brown, cinnamon brown and many more. You�ll also find colors like burgundy, black, blonde, straw colored blonde, and many more.

Knowing which color suits you best
Many times, you might find people walking down the road who have hair color which just doesn�t go with their skin tone, personality and structure. Hair dye colors are available in plenty these days and it can be quite easy to get confused as to which color to choose. However, hair color when used appropriately can accentuate features, bring out the best beauty in a person and flatter the appearance overall.