Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Brunette Highlights 2011

Brunette Highlights 2011 for women and Girls :  pink undertones or no color, olive complexion seen in Asians and Latinos, medium complexion with golden undertones, medium complexion with pink color in the cheeks or no color or dark brown complexion.

natural hair color as blue black, deep coffee brown, medium golden brown or medium ash brown. Colored your hair into a shade of warm brunette, then consider a hair dye of a shade darker or lighter to match a shade of cool brunette color  eye colors are hazel eyes with golden or brown colored flecks, green eyes, golden brown eyes and greenish blue eyes.

cool base of brunette hair color, then consider dyeing your hair with any of the warm shade of brunette hair color, and then opt for the warm brunette hairstyles highlights.