Thursday, 11 August 2011

Urban Decay Naked

Seems like everybody and their grandmother has pictures of their Naked palette on their blogs. So I realized I had to post mine too so I could be kewl. As you can see the brush isn't there. I miss placed it and I don't miss it. Piece of crap.
 Not usually a fan of Urban Decay, but Naked had my name all over it as this is neutral heaven. I keep it in a safe train case stashed away where it's dark. Since this is the Holy Grail of palettes every time I touch it "I've got the power" plays in my head as I hold it up high as close to the heavens as possible. 

 I know, I know, so many pictures of the swatches. I can't help it, I love how they look on cam.
Thanks for reading!<33