Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hair Color For Black Women

If your idea of hair coloring is bright chunky hair highlights, then reconsider. Because, today's hair color trends tend to be more subtle and more real looking. Take a look at the hair colour ideas 2011, and you'll observe that people are choosing a more natural and subtle look, that has skinny streaks of color which match their complexion. Mentioned below are hair color ideas for 2011 that you could consider, and suggestions about selecting the right color for you personally that you should keep in mind.
The shades of deep brown would be the most sought after hair colour 2011 ideas, since the shade suits just about all complexion types. You are able to choose from a wide range of colors like light brown to brownish and ooze the warmth the color vibrates.
Such people considering dark hair colour ideas with highlights, must have natural base hair color as shiny raven black, or choose a base of a dark hair like purple and burgundy. Shiny raven hair colour ideas for black women are well-liked by copper highlights. Individuals with such color are going with highlights of honey, wheat, or ash colored. Such people have to avoid yellow, blond, red or bronze highlights.
Black is certainly one of the favorite hair colors 2011, that's perfect for fair and tanned skin complexions. You have to be sure that the color you prefer, as it may make the skin look dull and lifeless. If black suits your complexion, it will make you look really sexy and attractive and obtain second looks where ever you go.