Tuesday, 4 October 2011


(( Outfit details...Knit ZARA / Pants MANGO / Hat SPINNS (Brand of Japan) / Bag ZARA / Shoes SLY (Brad of Japan) / Sunglasses ASOS / Necklace FOREVER21 / Ring FOREVER21 / ))

I bought goods for the first time in the store of the brand of the name of "MANGO" last week. Although I had been to the store of "MANGO" several times, I had not bought goods.
I went to various stores in quest of color trousers. But, it was not found easily. But, the color trousers for which I was asking were found by "MANGO."
It is trousers with which a color is outstanding in beautiful red. Just I had the dress of a red border I wore together with red trousers. There were a red bag, shoes, and other hats, it wore together. When only the red of the same color wore me altogether, I thought that I was strange. Therefore, dark red and border were worn.
I participate in the contest of LOOKBOOK.nu and MANGO.
 I would like to go to a finalist.