Tuesday, 29 November 2011


H&M was announced today.[ that MARNI at H&M collaboration product will be put on the market in March, next year.]
MARNI is a brand of Italy. The founder of MARNI is a woman called Consuelo Castiglioni. ( The woman of the picture of the top of this report.)
This collection is due to be put on the market in H&M about 260 stores, and online store of every corner of the earth from March 8, 2012. All the dress and accessories are developed at a H&M price, and everyone can experience the world of Marni. (In Japan, it is a sale start from March 10.)

From ladies, a vivid color tone and an outstanding print are characteristic, and there are what was affected to Africa, and a simple color block. All silhouettes are the time-tested products of Marni. Even the cotton poplin in which a pleated skirt, a dress, cropped pants, jacquard knitting, and a material have tension from silk is used. In order to complete a look, a collection also develops a jewelry, shoes, a bag, and a scarf.

I expect that the goods of a color block will come out of MARNI at H&M.

I would like to see the detailed picture of this product early.

Do you plan to buy this product?