Friday, 16 December 2011

ALEXIS magazine Vol.8

The magazine "ALEXIS" is a magazine of Singapore. This magazine is a new magazine.
2 pages of blogger special editions are in this magazine. ?The photograph of the fashion blogger who is playing an active part in various countries is published. I am proud of having been published as a representative of Japan. and very glad...
This is not the first time that my photograph was published this time. My photo was published from Vol.5 to Vol.8.
I am thankful to the editor of an ALEXIS magazine.

The fashion community in Singapore developed rapidly in recent years.
There are many creative designers in Singapore. Therefore, I am very much interested in the fashion community in Singapore.
I am observing the designer of South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China in Asia.
I would like to go to the fashion show of  those countries.