Sunday, 5 June 2011

Making tea with Sonia

Hi everyone! Here's how I make loose leaf tea. :)
This boils water super fast, in like a minute. I add my loose teas to it. I find they brew better than with a mesh infuser.

I got this tea at AubreyRose, it's a chai made with chocolate, vanilla, and coconut. <3

Here's how it looks before I heat it up. I stop it before it boils then I pick it up and give it a little shake and then let it brew for 4-5 minutes. No need to boil it then wait for it to cool down when it can just be hot and I can drink it right away. ;P

This is where I keep Stevia sweetener. Normally I drink my tea plain, but this tea is super good with milk and sweetener.


Brewing. As you can tell I gave it a shake; i'm heavy handed so a little shake to me turned out to be a good shake for the pot.

Strained. You can see the coconut bits. Yum!


My coasters.<3

Thanks for reading! <3