Friday, 3 June 2011

Friday night dinner

Hi everyone! I went out to dinner with H tonight to one of our fav places, A Cafe. Yes, that is the name of it. Try putting that into a conversation! It's a "Hong Kong style" cafe. Here's what we got!
H's order. Curry chicken. These are cell pics btw.

Preserved meat hot pot (SO GOOD)
Afterwards we went to Tapioca Express because JC mentioned on her blog that she liked avocado smoothies so I was really curious to try one!

Here it is in all its goodness.

It was actually delicious! I got a random laugh attack cause I couldn't believe how good it was. Definitely tasted like avocado, but it was sweet. Thank you JC!!!


Found these in my cell. Took them awhile ago at Petco. They're all sleeping!

Sleeping mice! Awww!!

Yep...Even this one with hanging ballz was sleeping...lmao!

Thanks for reading!! <33