Friday, 3 June 2011

Besame lipstick samples

Ladies, ladies, ladies. I have the most delicious package to share with you. WAIT, that sounded wrong.. o_O I got the prettiest package in the mail today! If my lovely post office hadn't held it for a couple days I would have had this up sooner for you. But here it is! Six samples of their reds (for $8.00, full sizes are $22.00)! Dream come true for Sonia! According to the site it's enough product for 4 applications. Colors it came with are Red Velvet, Carmine, Red Hot Red, Besame Red, Merlot, and Cherry Red. Came with a gorgeous post card that has descriptions of all of them on the back and with a 20% off coupon. It was for a limited time, very limited I guess cause now I can't find it anywhere to link it. :((( Here's how they came packaged:

So gorgeous!

At first glance it looks like it a solid piece of lipstick, but actually the top part is shaped like a l/s and is covered with it.

Sorry for the light swatches, I didn't wanna use up too much. :) 

I love them! I must say, they make some bad@ss reds. The only one I wouldn't wear is Merlot, I'm not into such dark reds/wine. I can't pick which ones the prettiest, it's sooo tough. Which is why i'll end up getting them all, except Merlot of course. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, they smell just like MAC l/s, with that light vanilla scent. OK i'm gonna stop talking now so I can post faster and you can ooo and aaa!
Thanks for reading!