Thursday, 28 July 2011

Crazy Hair Color for Men 2011

Crazy Hair Color Ideas for Men 2011 :   natural hair color to something else, you almost lose that color for the next one year. So, make sure you want to get a color change, because there are many examples of hair blunders which occur due to choosing the wrong color. You also have to make sure, the color suits your skin tone and whether you want to get streaks, hair highlights or some other hairstyles. 

Single Toned Hair Colors
There are many different hair color ideas for men in single tone, as it is very easy to get. Single tones are not complicated and have simply one uniform shade all through the hair. 

They look much better than highlights are a corporate and working man, since multi tones would surely have the entire office staring at you! There are millions of shades can choose from for these single tone hair colors, but make sure they suit your complexion. 

Double and Multi-Toned Hair Colors
These hair colors consist of a mixture of two shades, which are completely opposite in color, for example, black and blond, red and purple, brown and red, etc. 

combinations of hair color for men can be more than two colors as well, as you can get either streaks or hair highlights done in any part of your hair which is completely unexpected and have yourself feel confident to carry it.