Thursday, 28 July 2011

Red Hair With Blonde Highlights 2011

Red Hair With Blonde Highlights :  your highlights to blend with the rest of your hair, you should get slim highlights on the crown of your head. However, if you want noticeable highlights, you can get large blocks of hair colored blonde.  spice up a simple shoulder-level bob, you can add highlights in a way that hair transitions from red to blonde in places. Long red hair in shades of mahogany, copper, auburn, etc. a look you can experiment with is blonde lowlights, which is also very trendy. 

One approach is to just lighten sections of your hair, which will leave you with pretty but not loud highlights. thin hair, highlights may help add body as coloring is said to make the hair's shafts swell.

While adding blonde highlights in red hair that has been colored, a possible outcome is that you end up with brassy orange highlights.