Monday, 11 July 2011


This truly is the definition of ROAK. The kindest act of kindness. I got *the* most amazing package filled with vintage red l/s today from a very very kind and generous lady, just lovely! I wont mention her name because I'm not sure if she would mind. She sent me 2 Paloma Picasso l/s from the 80's and 11 CHANEL Rouge a Levres from 80s and 90s! Sonia heaven! I'm overwhelmed with joy!

They're all new! 

Look at all that beauty! This makes me a very happy little Sonia. Paloma Picasso's packaging is so luxe!
I loveeee all these l/s, thank you SOOOO much!!!
On a side note: I'll be MIA for the next week. In laws are coming to visit and we're going to be busy busy busy! I will check my email though; so in case you're all like "WHAT'LL I DO TILL SHE GETS BACK?? HOW WILL I SURVIVE?? I WONT EAT TILL SHE GETS BACK" you can email me.:) In all fairness though, these pics make up for all the time I'll miss! Hugs all around!