Friday, 29 July 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Red Taboo 18

Hi everyone! Red Taboo ($34 for 0.12 oz) is a blue based dark red. Finish is creamy and moisturizing. Nicely pigmented and lasts a few hours before having to reapply. I do have to reapply after I eat, however, which is always the case for me with any cream l/s. Fruity and I love how it tastes/smells. Unfortunately I'm allergic to something in this. I don't know what but it burns like a mo' fo' for a few minutes, like I have hot sauce on my lips. BUT I don't currrr, I love this l/s. I only have this issue with this shade though, I have Red Muse as well and It doesn't burn.

See why I put up with the burn?
Thanks for reading!