Wednesday, 3 August 2011

How I take care of my nails

Hi everyone! There's no *huge* secret for how I grow out my nails, I wish there was so I could share with you all. But the truth is...I get it from ma momma. I do however, take good care of them so that they don't break off. I will share those tips because I <3 you all.:)

1-ALWAYS wear rubber gloves when you're doing dishes. Soap can be harsh and soften them leading to brittle cracked nails which we DO NOT WANT.
DISCLAIMER: I know some of you use dishwashers, but those of us who have crappy dishwashers that make dishes come out dirtier than they went in, we have to resort to this.

2- Eat plenty of fruits, veggies, protein, and keep hydrated. I notice that when I don't eat as well my nails aren't as strong and resistant to breakage. 

3-Never let your nails go bare. Always keep them either painted or with just clear polish. Polish protects them from softening up in the shower and hand washing.

4- Keep hands moisturized. Will keep cuticles from peeling and looking funky. Cause nothing is worse than cute nails but busted hands.

5- NO FIGHTING. We all know the first thing that magically breaks is a nail. Shoo.

6-No clawing your enemies eyes out. You could lose a nail in there.

7- Careful when closing your car door; don't slam your hand. Not only does it hurt, but most importantly it can break more than one nail.

And last but not least!

8- NO GOING TO PRISON. I'm assuming they chop them right off as soon as they throw you in.

 I know there aren't a lot of tips and I don't have a magic potion, but shoo, (LOOK AT THESE PUPPIES *blinds you*) they work

Hope these were helpful (and a little humorous) and thanks for reading!<3