Monday, 26 September 2011

The 5 Hottest Black Hair Styles For 2009

Look your best with the best of the hottest trends - Here's a look at five hot black hairstyles for 2009

Just as the trends in fashion, which changes from season to season, the trendiest styles to wear and vary from year to year. The good thing about going with the trend as far as your black hair in question is that you can easily update your look or give yourself a makeover without having to spend hundreds of dollars on an updated wardrobe.

All it takes is a visit to a good stylist, trend hairstyle that will suit your face shape. Then, with the help of styling tools and products, you can use different, it seems to suit your mood, your outfit, and when


5 hottest black hairstyles for 2009

We may already be halfway to 2009, but that does not mean that it is too late for you to wear the latest trends in black hair styles. In fact, now is as good as any time to update your appearance -. because the trends are certainly going to change until the end of the year

So what are some of the hottest and trendiest black hair styles to wear to update your look? Here's a quick look at top 5 styles that you can try:

Pixie Cuts

If you are really short hair, one of the best and hottest black hair styles to sport updated pixie cut. Feel as glamorous as Audrey Hepburn back in the day. However, this time it will be more Rihanna-esque classic because instead of Pixie cut that your stylist will give you more than a geometric shape for him.

pixie reduced from today range from those that look very soft and the razor cut that has almost rock edge to it. The good thing about this hot and trendy look that is low maintenance and carefree. You wake up in the morning, spend a few minutes the styling and you'll be ready to face the day - with a warm and attractive appearance to boot

Black Bobs

"Bob" to Rihanna's sports is still 'in' look for the year 2009 - and this is evident by his appearance on TV and across the mags. All you need do is ask your stylist to Rihanna Bob a more modern twist. You can go with or without bangs - just make sure that the length of your bob is something you feel comfortable, but beautiful in

Ultra-slim and flat

Ultra-slim and flat


Braided Design

Braided Design


no top hot black hair styles, the list will never be complete without including the classic braided hairstyles. What seems like a classic black braids for women is that your hair will still be in its natural state. And, after completing design, it is easy to see that without a lot of products and styling work.


What's so good about the sport burst is that there is an appropriate cut bangs for any face shape and hair length. By hacking a few strands of hair as bangs, you can easily update your look without having to have a full haircut.

So what are you waiting for? Take your pick from the 5 hottest black hair styles and trendy in 2009?