Sunday, 25 September 2011

Restoring The 'Fro: African American Hair Transplants

Any person who decides to hair transplantation should be prepared for a routine inspection and testing in the months or even years leading up to the actual procedure takes place. If it happens that an individual African American, then he or she can go through more than većine.Pravi make every African American hair is very different from other types of hair and so African American hair transplants something more complex than other types of hair in various ways.

The process of African American hair transplants are different from other types of transplants kose.Kosa need specialist preparation and techniques are also somewhat different, although the procedure is exactly isto.Žetva follicles is more difficult with African American hair types, because the rough nature of the and provide more resistance. However, this does not prove to be as much of a problem, because the visual hair and skin tones are not dramatically different, thus camouflaging any scabbing that may occur thereafter.

African American hair transplants can cause scarring than other types, and this fact should be taken into account before any treatment was performed pristao.Liječnik hair transplant implants are usually harvested follicles in the fat layer that lies below the scalp to make them better chances uzimanje.Grublji hair, a higher risk of scarring because the harvest and planting cuts are slightly higher. It promotes scarring, although it is repositioning so profoundly accelerates the healing process.

African American hair transplants are often less problematic than other hair transplants in some way. For example, African American hair is thick and curly in nature, as I already mentioned, and as a result of a single hair actually covers more of the scalp of another type kose.Grublji hair follicles are less needed per square inch of the scalp in order to achieve the same effect , time of African American hair transplants require less follicles to be planted for re-growth. This usually gives better overall performance than other types of hair transplantation.

Unfortunately, the need for African American hair transplants is rising due to increased pressure put on the hair and scalp by modern hairstyles, such as cornrows, weaves and tight braiding. All three generally have a tendency to pull hair from hair dying vlasišta.Trend simply serves to further the effect of permanent damage to hair follicles. While this May be a negative for individuals, there is a silver lining in the fact that many doctors today are made ​​in African American hair transplant procedures.

African American hair transplants may require special techniques to ensure their success, but have a distinct advantage over other species in the smaller transplants are required per square centimeter. African American hair transplants certainly growing in demand as a result of the mode that best avoided, but rest assured, if you do not opt for a transplant, and will be in good hands!